10 Things You’ll Need To Do If You Want To Get Rich

This is a topic that I gave a lot of thought to when I was younger, not because I wanted to mimic the lifestyle of a rapper, but because I was always passionate about not being stuck at a job. I think doing what you love is great, but I think doing what you love on your own time, whenever you want is even better. Financial freedom is a mindset that puts into motion a life of discipline so that you can achieve your goals. Over the course of the past 17 years I’ve read nearly every personal finance book I could get my hands on. Of course it all started with Robert Kiyosaki’s book, If You Want To Be Rich And Happy, Don’t Go To School. This was his first book, before the Rich Dad Poor Dad book, a book that I highly recommend to all. From the books I’ve read, mentors I’ve spoken with, and my own life’s journey, here are 10 actions that will make you rich. One important note before I begin, there are may definitions of the word rich, to keep things simple I will be...
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Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Tips

You've waited until the last minute to buy your gifts this year. Now what? Just because Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us doesn't mean you have to miss out on some great savings, too. Check out the list of tips below to save when time is down to the wire.

Refine Your List

Create a narrowed down list of whom you have left to buy for, what you're getting for them and what you plan to spend on each person. Your shopping list will serve as your most valuable shopping tool when it comes to saving money. If you know you're buying a pair of shoes for your mother, plan out just what you want to spend, like $50.
By setting a budget with your list, you can monitor your overall spending, especially as last-minute deals may be harder to find the closer you get to the holidays. To stay organized, try using the Gift Log Calculator from PracticalMoneySkills.com to match prices with products.

Set a Time Limit

Time is running low and you've ...
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10 Things to Do When Shopping for a Used Car

If you’re in the market for a used car, you’re not alone. More than 38 million used cars were sold last year, according to Edmunds.com’s 2015 Used Vehicle Market Report. With so many used cars on the market, finding the right one can be daunting. Figuring out financing, finding specific models, inspecting the car for damages and repairs — used car shopping brings many unique challenges you likely won’t encounter on a new car lot.

1. Set a budget.

1_roman-seliutin_shutterstock_300755132 Before you start shopping around, you have to know how much car you can afford. The average price of a used car in 2015 was around $18,500, according to Edmunds. But that doesn’t mean you should search for cars in that price range. Instead, your income should determine the purchase price. “A good rule of thumb is no more than 25 percent of your monthly household income, including the cost of fuel, insurance, repairs and maintenance,” said Kristen Andersson with Instamotor, a private-party used car marketplace...
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6 Tips to Get the Best Holiday Loan

The holiday season is fast approaching. You want to buy presents for friends and family. Maybe you’ll travel out of town. Secret Santa gifts, postage for holiday cards and even wrapping paper add up. If you haven’t saved enough, but don’t want to charge the seasonal expenses to your credit card, here’s a possible solution for you: a holiday loan. A holiday loan is a personal loan that you take out specifically to pay for holiday expenses. Like all personal loans, holiday loans are unsecured loans — meaning you don’t have to put up any collateral like you would for a mortgage or auto loan. Your holiday loan will have a predetermined interest rate for a fixed term, so you’ll know exactly how much your monthly payment will be. Interest rates vary among lenders, and the APR you snag might be determined by your credit score. The higher your score, and the better loan terms you might get. Here are six tips you can follow to get the best holiday loan.

1.  Check You...

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10 Top Companies for Financiers

Going into finance has always been a great way to make money. Although "banker" can mean just about anything from the guy who stocks the ATM machine to the folks who set interest rates, increasingly these days it's a term synonymous with managing large amounts of money and getting paid in kind. In fact, it's sometimes a little hard to remember that there was a time when banking used to be boring. Today a career in finance is the end goal for many MBA students. Even a bachelor's in finance is considered the eighth most valuable college degree someone can have. Of course, as with all fields, the real money is at the top. It's true whether you're a doctor choosing between general practice and anesthesiology, a lawyer who hangs his own shingle or, as here, a financier deciding where to go next.

10. Macquarie Group

Median Salary: $120,000 Median Base Salary: $105,000 980842e9-6896-11e6-bf4a-5bde4815d0ff_600x400 Many of America's biggest companies are pretty obscure. Names like Cargill, Bechtel and C&S Wholesale don'...
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The 7 most influential people in European finance

Bloomberg just released its list of the 50 most influential people in the world of finance. It is a comprehensive list of Wall Streeters, politicians, central bankers and business leaders who shape the way the global economy functions and help keep the wheels turning in the face of economic and political turmoil. The list is global, but understandably has a heavy focus on the United States of America, given the country's status as the world's biggest, most powerful economy. Chinese leaders also have a prominent role in the ranking as the country continues its challenge to the USA's global dominance. However, seven leaders from Europe make Bloomberg's list, occupying several of the top positions, including the number one spot this year. We decided to take a look at these seven people who play a unique part in shaping global finance.

7 (37th overall). Margrethe Vestager


Vestager, the European Union commissioner for competition, has taken a prominent role in the EU's ba...

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10 Financial Choices You’ll Regret in 10 Years

“All I had to do was turn in the form to my HR department.” It was a simple task but one that was shoved to the side to deal with most important things throw at us. The form was a 401k enrollment firm and I my client was left wondering what could have been had she enrolled when it first became available to her. We’ve all faced similar decisions. Some we get right.  Some we are left wondering the possibilities of what could and should have been. Let’s take a look at some financial decisions that you’d kick yourself for in 10 years. Don’t do them!
1. Starting your budget way too late
financial_regrets I’ll be first to admit that I hate budgeting. Nonetheless, my wife and I both recognize the importance of having a budget. Most people view budgeting as not being able to spend money on the things that you want to but the reality is sitting down and making out a budget is a freeing exercise. It frees you because you can recognize the areas of your life of where you ...
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The Future Of Finance Is A Flashback

If there’s a niche in financial services, it’s likely been filled at this point. A slew of financial technology startups have stripped off subsets of services typically provided by banks and brokerages, unbundling everything from payments and lending to advisory services and stock trading. But history has taught us it won’t always be this way. The startups that become mainstream in this space will have to follow that path taken by virtually every other incumbent before them: They must start to consolidate, offer more services and expand into different verticals.
Catalysts for The Great Financial Services Unbundling
Former Netscape CEO Jim Barksdale has said there are “only two ways to make money in business: One is to bundle; the other is unbundle.” In financial services, the “other” option has only recently become possible. 920x920 (1) One key reason why unbundling in this sector has taken so long is that the technology to seamlessly onboard financial customers at sca...
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The Future of Finance: The New Business Guidance System

Copilot of the business. The new guidance system. These are words I hear business leaders use to describe the role of modern finance teams. It’s quite a shift from the traditional role, which was mostly about control, compliance, and reporting. What’s changed? In a word, necessity. In today’s digital economy, cloud, mobile, social, and analytics are spawning new business models almost overnight. The pressure on finance leaders to change old business models and uncover new opportunities is higher than ever before. They must move from governance to guidance, or risk irrelevancy. erp_1 These are among the key themes of the upcoming Modern Finance Experience  conference, to be held in Chicago on April 6 and 7. The event, hosted by Oracle CEOs Safra Catz and Mark Hurd and featuring executives from American Express, GE, and other companies, will explore the principles that finance teams should embrace to become the new guidance system for their organizations.
CFOs as Digita...
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3 Smart Strategies To Finance Your Home In Retirement

As you approach retirement, building a holistic financial plan that also considers your future housing expenses should be at the top of your list. For many people, a sizeable portion of their retirement-income dollars will go toward funding their home and its associated costs. According to 2014 research from the Employee Benefit Research Institute, annual home-related expenses represent 43% of total spending for those age 75 and older. It’s important to understand how these costs might affect preparing for retirement, so you can better address your future housing needs. Here are three strategies to consider to help you plan for your “home sweet home” in retirement:
Managing Your Mortgage
960x0 (48) One popular option to cover housing costs in retirement is to refinance your mortgage and benefit from lower interest rates. According to a recent survey from Voya, where I’m a financial adviser, 95% of those who are currently working and plan to own their home in retirement h...
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